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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Purchasing your Virginia Readers’ Choice (VRC) Books

Virginia Readers Choice is an excellent program for stimulating excitement about reading among Virginia’s students.  Since 1981, the VRC program has given students across Virginia exposure to the best of contemporary literature. The success of this program is important to the continued rise of literacy for the students of Virginia schools.

Every school year, noteworthy titles from the past three years are reviewed by the Virginia State Reading Association. For each of four levels—Primary, Elementary, Middle and High Schools –ten titles are nominated.  These lists are then shared with Virginia schools, where students can read these titles throughout the year and vote for theirfavorites each March. The reading lists for the upcoming school year are released in the spring each year, to give teachers and librarians time to secure these books.

While most educators choose to participate in Virginia Readers’ Choice, finding the easiest and most cost effective way to purchase these titles for your school can be challenging. While a number of vendors sell these titles, Bookworm Central, at -  http://www.bookwormcentral.com/ , offers a 40% discount off Virginia Readers’ Choice titles year round. Bookworm Central wants to get Virginia Readers’ Choice titles into the hands of students and will ship the books, or have them available for pick-up after ordering at their warehouse in Manassas, VA.  


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