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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Collections by Grades


Bookworm Central provide The Preschool Collections are geared for children aged 2-5 and include board books for 2-3 year olds and picture books – both fiction and non-fiction – for 3-5 year olds. For large group readings, Big Books are included for ease of story sharing.

Grades K-2

The Elementary Collections offer, for each grade, an independent reading set, social studies set and science set. The independent reading set is designed to span the typical reading levels for each grade. Teacher read-aloud lists are included for each grade to provide age-appropriate and stimulating titles that may be on the difficult side for independent reading. Audio/book sets are provided for added enjoyment and to aid those children who need the additional sensory boost to improve reading skills.                                                                    Suggested titles for group literary studies are also provided.

Grades 3-6

Collections by Grades-bookworm-central
The Classroom Collections offer, for each grade, educational materials, distribute them through programs that inspire and motivate learners, and enable participating organizations to promote literacy while raising or saving money

Teacher Wishlist Program

Teacher Wishlist Program
Bookworm Central include summer reading program, teacher wishlist programs, and other special events such as author signings, book clubs, and book giveaways to classrooms and/or libraries.
We Allows parents to support their children's teachers by donating books Accrues proceeds with every sale, which can be spent on additional materials for the teachers, at your school's discretion Requires minimal coordination Is available online 24/7 with an excellent book selection that's accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Specialty Fairs

Specialty Fairs-bookworm-central
Bookworm Central has set up a Specialty Fair division. Specialty bookfairs fundraise for your organization with a wide selection of titles relevant to the specific subject area you have requested. Example of such fairs include:

  • STEM Fairs
  •  Educational Game Fairs
  •  Advanced Academic Resource Fairs
  •  Celebrating Diversity Fairs
  •  Educational Material Fairs 
  •  Parenting Material Fairs
  •  Required Reading Fairs 
  •  Foreign Language Fair

Virtual Book Fairs

Virtual Book Fairs-bookworm
Bookworm motto is “Growing Fine Minds,” we developed our Virtual Book Fair service in hopes of partnering with like-minded groups to encourage children to read deeply and steer away from low quality and commercial titles. By providing year-round access to quality literature and educational games we offer you a fundraising opportunity that requires minimal effort but greatly rewards your organization and your community alike.

Onsite Book Fairs

Onsite Book Fairs
Bookworm Central provide onsite book fairs for all ages its have being include different changes and distinctive in Each year, we collect and review book fair data to help us customize product selections and improve our range of services. We believe that careful attention to customer interests and satisfaction, so we create different event in every years that is well attended, appreciated and successful. our services are very fast we provide onsite book fairs are available to any organization within 90 minutes of our Manassas virginia warehouse. For customers up to three hours away, we are able to offer our onsite fairs if three or more schools can coordinate their book fairs at the same time. We invite customers from farther a field to take advantage of our exclusive Virtual Book Fair service, which allows families to access and purchase the full range of our book fair offerings via the Internet—and every virtual sale earns profits for your organization.